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~ Executive Facial ~

~ 60 min / $75 ~

This classically styled facial treatment is ideal



Customized for a gentleman's specific skin needs.

Your treatment begins with a deep cleansing

and an exfoliating enzyme and/or scrub

to remove worn out skin and excess oils.

Next, enjoy a relaxing steam treatment

and healing mask customized to your skin type

to hydrate the skin while calming any irritations.

Then specialized moisturizers and serums are massaged

into the skin to balance oil production and encourage

the development of new skin cells.

To finish, a light, protective sun block is

applied leaving you relaxed, renewed and refreshed.   

~Eternal Wellness - Anti Aging Treatment ~

 ~ 90 min / $130 ~

This specialized treatment is designed to help reverse

the signs of aging by using world class

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, along with highly concentrated

formulations of Peptides and Hyluronic Acid

to increase cell renewal and repair,

restore firmness to slack skin and help decrease

the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

This deeply cleansing facial will refine the texture of the skin

and dramatically increase over all hydration

restoring the skin’s barrier layer to help protect

against razor burn, environmental irritants and sensitivity.

Begin with a deep cleansing and enzyme exfoliation,

to remove impurities and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Next, a luxurious anti-aging massage with active serums

increases circulation and lymphatic flow

to reduce puffiness and tighten skin, while releasing

skin adhesions that contribute to wrinkling.

Then a relaxing steam treatment with a revitalizing mask

with an infusion of antioxidants and minerals

that hydrate and revitalize the skin to stimulate cellular renewal

and activate the body’s natural healing response

resulting in increased firmness, improved skin tone

and reduced appearance of wrinkles.

Finally, vitamin rich serums, concentrated peptides

and super hydrating moisturizers are infused into the skin

and complemented by LED therapy.

This fantastic treatment is finished off with a light, sun block application. Rolling back the clock has never been more relaxing!

~ Skin Fitness - Acne Facial ~

~ 90 min / $120 ~

Specially designed to meet the needs of oily or acneic skin,

this treatment features the finest natural, organic

and biogenic ingredients to purify, balance and heal your skin.


Start off with a balancing cleanser and exfoliation,

followed by our ultrasonic deep cleansing treatment

to gently remove impurities and effectively reduce bacteria.

Next, a cool, soothing treatment mask to calm inflamed sensitive skin,

sterilize pores and dramatically increase hydration,

while LED therapy is used to promote cell renewal and repair,

reduce redness and aid the body’s natural healing response.


Finally, custom formulated serums and moisturizers

are massaged in to the skin to nourish, rehydrate

and provide support for balanced oil production.

A light sun block application and you are on your way

to a healthier, more confident you.

~ Pampered Back Treatment ~

~ 60 min / $85 ~

This relaxing treatment is an excellent way

to keep your back looking and feeling healthy.

This deep pore cleansing "Back Facial"

removes dead skin cells,  and assists in clearing pore impactions

(blackheads) from hard to reach areas.

Natural & Biogenic Ingredients and active cleansing agents are used to:

Remove impurities and excess oils.

Calm Irritation and reduce redness by promoting the body's

natural healing processes to repair damaged cells.

Stimulate regeneration of healthy cells

to strengthen skin and protect underlying vessels and structures.

Nourish cells to rebulid the skin's protective barrier layer,

thus decreasing skin sensitivity and helping to restore

your skin to its naturally healthy state.

~ Enzyme Power Peels ~

~ $60+ ~

This treatment uses clinical strength fruit enzymes and acids

to gently break down the keratinized outer layer of the skin

 providing excellent exfoliation of dry, worn out cells.

A series of Enzyme peels can help reduce

the apperance of fine lines & wrinkles,

and assist in brightening your complexion

through a gradual reduction of hyperpigmentation

that leaves your skin well hydrated, balanced and beautiful

without any downtime.


Pair an Enzyme Peel with Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning.

Our professional therapists will customize your application

to suit your skincare goals and the needs of your skin.

~ Resurfacing & Regenerative Peels ~

~ $60+ ~

Clinical strength Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids provide

superior exfoliation of superficial epidermal cells and

stimulate the body's natural healing processes

to produce healthy new skin cells and replace skin damaged

by aging, sun, or other issues.


An excellent treatment for:

 hyperpigmentation (sun damage , age spots, etc),

fine lines and wrinkles 

acne and scarring

 toning and tightening of the face, neck



Pair an Acid Peel with Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning.

Your specialty trained esthetician will customize your application

to suit your skincare goals and the needs of your skin.

~ Microdermabrasion ~

~ $100 ~

~ Series: 3 / $275   6 / $750​ ~


Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for:

reducing breakouts & smoothing post-acne scarring,

decreasing wrinkles and creasing,


decreasing pore size,

and general uneven texture of the skin.


This non-invasive, non-surgical treatment 

gently removes dull, dry surface skin allowing

better penetration of treatment products

for balanced oil production and increased hydration. 

Although fantastic results can be seen with one treatment,

best results are achieved with a series of treatments.


Our Microderm service can also be safely combined 

with chemical peels, enzyme treatments and therapeutic facials

to increase penetration of active ingredients.

~ Dermaplaning ~

~ $85+ ~

A step-up from Microdermabrasion,

this clinical treatment provides superior exfoliation

 along with the added benefit of removing vellous hair

leaving your skin feeling baby smooth, and looking fabulous.

Our Estheticians are DermaPlane Pro certified in this fantastic facial therapy

which gently removes the outermost layer of dead epidermal cells

as well as the fine layer of soft facial hairs known as vellous hair.

Immediate results are seen and felt as worn out layers are removed.

To complete your treatment, your skin is treated

to  a deep hydration treatment and rejuvenating serums that penetrate deeply

into your skin where they can provide the most beneficial effect.

Further improvements are seen after treatment

as the natural healing properties of the skin are stimulated

to increase cell renewal and repair.

 Dermaplaning is highly effective at minimizing the appearance

of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while leaving skin smooth, supple and vibrant.


Our Dermaplaning service can also be safely combined 

with chemical peels, enzyme treatments and therapeutic facials

to increase penetration of active ingredients.


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As a complimentary service to all of our valued clientele,

all of our  facial skincare services include treatment to the


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