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~ Restorative Swedish Massage ~

~ 60 min/ $75          90 min/ $105​ ~

Rejuvenate the mind, body & spirit.

Drop your worries and let yourself unwind.

 Here, there is comfort for your tired body

and solace to strengthen your soul.

Let go of your cares as you are swept away

by rhythmic, soothing strokes that ease tension,

relax tight muscle, relieve pain and dysfunction,

and restore range of motion and free movement.

Maximize the power of your body’s true healing ability

 by releasing stored negative energy patterns.

Breathe deep and feel the peace and light within.

This massage uses light to medium pressure with

gentle stretching and range of motion techniques.

For more intense pressure, including muscle stripping and

trigger point therapy please request one of our deep tissue options.

~ Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage ~

~ 60 min/ $75          90 min/ $105​ ~

The heavy burdens of the mind and heart become

the tightened, painful bodies in which we walk this life.

Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders may be a

noble idea, but in practice the body will need a little help.

 Let us be your rescue remedy.

The slow, firm pressure of our Deep Tissue therapy relieves

excess tension and chronic pain well below the superficial layers.

Overstressed muscles and other connective tissue adhesions are released

 to help restore normal range of motion, correct posture and alleviate pain.


 Deep does not have to mean intense.

The body is better equipped for self-healing if the therapist

 works with its natural physiology rather than against it.

 Your therapist will work through the entanglements of your muscles and

fascia by warming the area and working with a slow, sinking pressure

that allows access to the deeper layer of muscle to help release the area...

 all performed while respecting your body's tolerance level.

Pain is decreased, balance is restored, stress is released…

 bringing peace of mind and a strengthened spirit for the next busy day.

This massage uses a range of therapeutic modalities including, but not limited to:

myofacial release, trigger point therapy, muscle stripping, gentle stretching

and range of motion techniques.

~ Ashiatsu ~ Deep Feet Oriental Bar Therapy ~

~ 60 min/ $85   90 min/ $120   120 min/ $160 ~​


Deeper Than Deep Tissue

As part of Traditional Chinese medicine,

Ashiatsu has been practiced for many centuries.

 Ashi - means “foot” and -atsu means “pressure,” and is the

simplest way to describe this amazing form of massage artistry.


This gravity assisted barefoot effleurage allows gentle access to the deepest muscles

of the body providing benefits that far surpass any other deep tissue technique.

This combined with the artistry and style of your therapist creates a relaxing,

healing experience like no other and has earned Ashiatsu the label of

“The Deepest, Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet”.


The addition of overhead bars for balance and leverage allows

your professionally trained Ashi therapist to use a blend of footwork

to sweep, swirl and glide through your tired, sore muscles

with long, flowing strokes and targeted deep compression,

relieving pain and dysfunction while melting your stress away

and stimulating your body’s natural healing potential.


Did you know that one Ashi massage packs the power of three regular massages?


People of every age and size can benefit from Ashiatsu’s

Fast Acting & Long Lasting Results

Ashiatsu has many benefits including

 speeds injury recovery & repair of soft tissue damage,

eases chronic pain, improves posture and flexibility,

 and increases circulation & lymphatic drainage

~ "StoneDance" ~ Hot Stone Therapy ~

~ 60 min/ $95          90 min/ $135 ~

More than just a hot stone massage,  

Our “StoneDance” hot stone therapy  is

Our Signature Massage Experience.

For over 2000 years, hot stones have been used for healing in many cultures.  

By blending the techniques of this ancient art with other 

healing energy therapies we have created something truly unique.

Featuring all the benefits of our Restorative Swedish massage

with the amazing healing effects of heated stones,

all set to a rhythmic symphony of soul inspiring music

that will carry you away  on a blissfully relaxing, deeply healing journey 

for the mind, body and spirit.

The penetrating effects of the heated stones allow the massage to be

delivered without excessive pressure, instantly and painlessly

transforming your treatment into a deep tissue therapy.

Easily melting away tension in tight muscle and fascia,

this treatment has the added benefit of promoting the release of

sedative like endorphins within the brain that calm the nervous system,

leaving you deeply relaxed, centered and content.

 This massage is particularly helpful for those dealing with depression,

insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, extreme fatigue and chronic pain issues.

~ Mommy To Be Massage ~

~ 60 min/ $80 ~​

Congratulations on your wonderful blessing!

Take this opportunity to cherish every moment

of this special time between you and your precious little one,

for time passes far too quickly once they become a part of the larger world.

Your body and your emotions are going through so many

changes  at this time it can often be overwhelming.


Let us be your solace from the aches, pain and worries of your day.

​ Drift peacefully into comfort and safety as we use special positioning

to ensure safety as both mother and baby share in the benefits

as pain, stress and tension are melted away,leaving

you feeling relaxed, renewed and at peace.


Don't forget that Daddy is expecting too.

Daddies spend their energy taking care of of expectant mommies,

a task that can be exhausting in its own right.

A Daddy To Be Massage

helps him to address all of his own aches, pains and worries

and find peace with the changing roles of his life.

~ Reflexology ~

~ 60 min/ $75 ~

The stress of everyday life takes their toll on our tired bodies and weary minds.

When you are feeling overworked, dealing with lack of sleep 

or poor nutrition come place yourself into our caring hands for

a professional reflexology treatment.

Our highly trained staff will apply this very specialized form

of therapy that includes relaxing massage techniques paired with

 targeted thumb and finger pressure to stimulate the

proprioceptive relfex points on the feet and associated areas

 to bring balance to the body's systems, relieve tension, improve circulation,

stimulate immune function and healing, and help encourage detoxification.

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