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Gentlemen's Spa Cut


Pure relaxation with style.

 Sit back and enjoy our unique style of  


a fantastic indian style head, neck and shoulder massage

and aromatherapy treatment combined with

 a blissful scalp massaging shampoo treatment

followed by a customized hair cut and style. 


Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage,

Scalp Massaging Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment

Customized Hair Cut & Blow-Out Style

Spritz & Snip


No frills, 

just takin' care of  of business...

the business of looking good.

A quick cut & a wet-to-dry style to help keep your look in line 

and you are out the door and on your way.

See ya next time!


Scalp Massaging Shampoo &  Conditioning Treatment

Customized Hair Cut &Style

Men's Color


Yes, REAL men DO use color on their hair!

Where is it written that women can corner

the market on living with style?

This is the perfect answer to add some panache to your look.

Go close to your natural color to spruce up your style

or grab their attention with a whole new look.


Clarifying Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment,

Base Color, Blow Dry & Style.

Men's Color & Highlights


Mix it up a bit with a little color change and

add some texture and style with a few high/low lights.


Whether its a natural look you are going for

or a more bold statement, we've got you covered.

Your style , our expertise.


Clarifying shampoo, Conditioning treatment,

Base color, High/Low lights (<10), Blow Dry & Style.

Grey Blending


Not ready to go to a full base color...

Looking to just turn the clock back a bit

and lose some of the grey?

This is the answer for you.

We will select the perfect shade to carefully blend

your color to provide the gradual coverage you want.

Your natural color, new and improved.


Clarifying Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment,

Color Blending, Blow Dry & Style.

Hot Shave


Hot n' steamy, relaxing, smooth and luxurious...

Are we speaking your language now?

Experience the full-on relaxation of a fabulous shave

performed with excellence and precision.

In preparation for your shave,

premimum skin conditioning ingredients

specifically formulated to address

men's skin care needs are applied to

freshly steamed skin to provide

exceptional glide and a supremely close shave. 

After your shave, concentrated serums are applied

to increase hydration, leaving your skin firm and smooth 

while helping to prevent ingrown hairs and other irritations. 


Hot Shave, Steamy Towel Application,

After Shave Treatment Serum, Conditioning Treatment

and Broad Spectrum Solar Block Application

Facial Wax

Looking for a way to keep that clean-cut,

smooth appearance without the need for daily shaving?

Facial waxing may be just what you are seeking.  

Whether your style requires a good clean edge to your facial hair,

or if the all over smooth effect is your look,

this treatment can help you hit the express lane with

your morning routine by saving you the time spent on shaving. 



Skin Conditioning Pre-treatment,  

Hair Removal,  Skin Soothing Lotion,

Broad Spectrum Solar Block Application

Mini Facial Express Treatment ~ Add-on


Put your best face forward with this express facial treatment

performed as an add-on with your salon services.


Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Treatment Serum,

Facial Massage, Conditioning Treatment,

Broad Spectrum Solar Block Application.

Beard Trim ~ Add-on


Mustache Trim ~ Add-on


Beard & Mustache Trim ~ Add-on



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