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Semi Permanent




Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied to individual eyelashes

with an eye-safe adhesive for longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes.

Synthetic eyelash extensions are hypo allergenic and lightweight,

so they won’t harm your natural lashes.

  Ideal for weddings, photo shoots,  or for everyday wear

for those who want longer, fuller lashes instantly.

With proper care,

semi-permanent eyelash extensions will last about 3-4 weeks.

To maintain your lash extensions,

please pre-book your appointment for fills 2-3 weeks out. 

Temporary Lashes


For a special event or night on the town.

These will give you an instant lashing that will last only a few days with proper care.

Easy application and removal in minutes.

 Lash & Brow



A super quick and easy way to add some color and dimension

to your natural lashes & brows.

Tinting allows you to wake up with beautiful lashes and brows

without make up and lasts for a few weeks

until your lashes naturally fall out in their normal cycle.

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